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Domain Information

The Siren's Realm  

Though killed by the Gorgon's assassin, the Siren stayed in the shadows for less than a year; By the magic of Nesirie's tears and the constant efforts for her lover Dhaelrik she was brought back from the shadows and yet reigns over Newtonor and the coast that bear her name.
Wealth Rich   Regency  Presti-
Domain Details
Domain Power15
Court DescriptionThe Hall of Siren's Cry is fairly simple, but it's a lavish court by Rjuven standards. Sailors and visitors from shores afar often pay a visit, and news from the all over Cecilia usually are first heard here. (Level 3: A barely acceptable court with quaint facilities and a scattering of retainers. Occasional affairs of state. Substract 2 from all Diplomacy.)
Official ReligionCoastal Temple of Narikja (CTN)
Regent Information
RegentJerusha Fjoldan
BloodlinePowerful Awnshegh
RaceHuman (Anuirean)
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Deity FollowedNarikja (Nesirie) - Lady of Mourning
Current Event - Nothing of Note -

Lieutenants Information
NameOfficial PositionDescription

Army Units
NameUnit typeLocationDescription
None known

ProvinceName (level) & RulerHoldingsRace/ TerrainLoyalty & TaxationLast Tax Income (GB)

Port Helen (1/4)

The Siren's Realm (Sr)
Temple: CTN(1)
Human (Rjurik)/Average (Moderate Taxes)1 GB (1d3-1)

Newtonor (2/4)

The Siren's Realm (Sr)
Temple: CTN(2)
Guild: RBk(2)
Human (Rjurik)/High (Moderate Taxes)5 GB (1d3)

Gigha (1/6)

The Siren's Realm (Sr)
Temple: CTN(1)
Guild: RBk(1)
Human (Rjurik)/Average (Moderate Taxes)4 GB (1d3-1)

Callanlars (1/6)

The Siren's Realm (Sr)
Temple: CTN(1)
Human (Rjurik)/Average (Moderate Taxes)1 GB (1d3-1)

Dantier Island (1/6)

The Siren's Realm (Sr)
Human (Rjurik)/High (Moderate Taxes)1 GB (1d3-1)