Rjurik winds - a PBeM D&D Campaign
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Character Details
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Jerusha Fjoldan

Mighty Bard, True Neutral
Medium Humanoid, Female Human (Anuirean)


The Siren was a unusual Awnshegh in that she was neither evil nor particularly good. She came to the Taelshore as a traveling performer, and her songs where said to have made her famous until the dark taint of her blood corrupted her voice into a deadly instrument. She killed the Dustman twenty years ago and took rulership over the domain that is now the Siren's Realm. She allied against the Gorgon at Sunderfalls and nearly died in the ensuing confusion. Rumours her lover Dhaelric died when she mistakenly called out to him; servants say she has a child that she refuses to see, from fear of her voice killing everyone she loves.

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