Rjurik winds - a PBeM D&D Campaign
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Domain Information

Sidheim of Rhuiddar  

Wealth Average   Regency  Impor-
Domain Details
Domain Power
Court Description (Level 0: No court at all. Diplomacy and Decree actions are not possible.)
Official Religion
Regent Information
RegentSanna Marin
RaceElf (Sidhelien)
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Deity FollowedNone
Current Event - Nothing of Note -

Lieutenants Information
NameOfficial PositionDescription
Vagrungad Goblin Soothsayer -- This old wrinkled goblin hasn't been killed or eaten yet because of her abilities at predicting the future! She is VERY good at using plain talk to explain a not-so-plain future distant or near; and the more you pay, the more accurate the prediction...

Army Units
NameUnit typeLocationDescription
Unknown Lluabraight SwordsUnknown location...

ProvinceName (level) & RulerHoldingsRace/ TerrainLoyalty & TaxationLast Tax Income (GB)

Rhuiddar (1/6)

Sidheim of Rhuiddar (SMa)
Law: SMa(1)
Guild: JuJo(1)
Source: SMa(3)
Elf (Sidhelien)/Average (Moderate Taxes)2 GB (1d3-1)